Clean Cut

Ruffly n pure white!

I don’t really know what was up with my editing style on April 21, 2014, but it still looks okay, i guess. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to seeing myself in pastel fur and it’s weird to see how I used to look. Continue reading


Jingle Jangles

Love pretty baubles!

I really love this jewelery set from Kaelin’s Infernal Moods. I really wish it came in a zillion more colors, but I’ll be patient and keep buying more horns instead of complaining. There’s really nothing to complain about here except that the store I got this dress from is closed! But I’ve seen this prefab elsewhere, so I’m sure I’ll run into something similar later on. Continue reading

Modern Era

March and April of this year is when I consider my outfit posts to have actually become blogging. I staged and edited photos, listed credits regularly, and actually used poses. I totally didn’t use poses before this point. At all. Just slow-mo’d and snapped my ao and called it a day. And why not get in some studs and a cute jacket to celebrate finding the “Modern” period of my archives? I grabbed this combination at the wash cart sale for a great big discount, but thankfully, last time I checked, these pieces are still available at their respective main stores. Continue reading

February 19, 2014

Come a lil closer!

This was a great moment. This is one of my most favorite outfits of all time and I still wear it pretty often. I just love how muted it is, soft and demure and flowery. Perfect. I especially love the detail on the dress, though I don’t think it is actually available any longer. I checked a few months ago. Impermanence is one of the wonders and nuisances of second life. Continue reading

February 6, 2014

Something Sweet!

This post is about both the outfit and the location the pictures are taken in. Well, I wish it were. Sadly, the latter doesn’t exist anymore. But the group gift kimono is still at *MiuMin*! Regardless–this was a cute little Japanese town in a skybox on the Napf sim called Kyoto, Japan: Kamishichiken Hanamachi. I visited a few times early this year, and enjoyed every nook and cranny… and every cake! With graphics on high, the shadows filtered perfectly through the blinds. Look for yourself! Continue reading

More Fresh Content!

I just don’t have the heart to keep you waiting.

I finally scheduled all of my archive posts. And they go well into october, even being posted three times a week. So I’m going to give you another little dollop of Current attire for this month. I just… can’t keep you waiting another two months to get to see what I’m actually wearing and enjoying right now. This was taken August 12, 2014. Continue reading

February 4, 2014

Two in one day?

It would seem I did yellow and pink a few months ago. Which is a very cute combination, strawberry banana and all that. This is a look I should probably bust out and modify again now that I have new toys! Even if it’s a little dated compared to my current inventory, I still really like this soft pink outfit. The dress is one of many I own from Shar’s Gowns, and I love busting out the teardrop jewelery from :[Plastik]:. Continue reading