September 7, 2013


This is really old. I mean, it feels old. It’s been barely a year, and it feels old. I remember this place, a skybox over a bleak, white lake in the middle of an endless white sea. I still have the little gifts off this table, a kimono and some uchiwa, and plenty of good memories. The place itself was on Leroy!

Gifties! Great decor, too.

At the time, I’d just discovered group gifts and paid the 10L fee to get into *MiuMin*‘s VIP group. In these images, I’m wearing the Hana gift kimono, including the adorable little bouquet. It just felt right, soft blue and pink tones for a soft green background!

This place is a treat! I need to stop by and see if it’s still the same or moved on. Leroy

In Review:

Kimono: *MiuMin*‘s Hana group gifty

Location: Leroy


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