October 23, 2013

Where am I?

The biggest problem with the post I am about to make, is that I have no idea where I took these pictures. Slightly younger me merely captioned it with, “Yes hello it is your prince wolfbeast speaking.” Which is pretty cute and exactly how I felt at that time, but not at all useful right now.

Where ever this was, it was certainly a sight to behold! And so is my halo, since that seems to be the focal point of all three of these pictures. But anyway, let’s talk about this dress and what I’m wearing. I really love this dress. It was a halloween gift from PurpleMoon, and we all know by now that :: PM :: has the best gifts. This one in particular is the halloween edition of Linnda, with a long ruffled coat and skirts darker than night. I’m also wearing some teardrop necklaces from The Beautiful Plastik Machine. Not a gift, but still a great buy and sooo versatile. (tbh i have gained a lot more :[Plastik]: in my inventory since then. A lot.)

I really like this dress. It’s clothing layer, and was compatible with my flat chested avis, and the sculpted jacket train was gorgeous. I would consider wearing it alone. And then the beauty of :[Plastik]: shines through and fills up all that open chest space. Heck yea!

I do wish I knew where this was, though.

In Review:

Dress: :: PM :: Linnda – Halloween Edition

Necklaces: :[Plastik]: Krysis Teardrop set, Hud 1


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