Body Post! Accurate as of August 2014

This post contains images and sources for all parts of my avatar as of August 6 2014. Safe for work, no genitalia listed.

The shape is a modified serbex shape of my own making, and won’t be replicated for others. It stands roughly 6.9 feet tall and fits most Medium standard sizing mesh goods, albeit missing the glorious gut.

Here are the images of my base avatar with no hair! It’s ugly, be warned!

I’m made up of a lot of junk and use script-free versions of almost all body parts. Except blink and talk jaw, a leash holder, and a clip-clop walker, essentially. Let’s start from the top and work our way down!


My head has a lot of stuff on it. The base head itself is the [DERP] Serbex in white, with the horns removed and the bigger jaw tusks. My secondary sets of eyes are from [][]Trap[][]. My ears are also from [][]Trap[][]. The piercings running down the bridge of my nose and over my brows are mostly from .:ellabella:. but have a teardrop from :[Plastik]: and some rings from the ears modded on. My septum ring is also from .:ellabella:.. My lower lip piercings are [ni.ju] for the big chained front one, and Rebel Soul for the two off to the side. The beaded rings around my tusks are from X.pression.

Then we get to the horns! I am currently wearing one set of horns from Kaelin’s Infernal Moods, two sets (one discontinued) from *~*Illusions*~*, one ‘set’ (including both long, somewhat straight horns and curled horns, four horns total) from :[Plastik]:, and a set of antlers from {aii}. My decorations include parts from a discontinued choker from Curious Kitties, roses from .:*December*:., more of those beaded rings by X.pression, some little spiders from a discontinued horn set, and halos from {aii}.


I use the KZK bat skin, the KZK bat wings, and the KZK bat hands. I also use the DSD deer legs and hooves, and the KZK domestic cat tail. On my hands are several rings, on the left hand is a ring by LAYLA, while the right hand is rings by Miss LT. My hooves are decorated with parts from a Kaelin’s Infernal Moods outfit, more bits from the Curious Kitties choker, and more roses from .:*December*:.. There is also a skull from a jewelery set by Kaelin’s Infernal Moods and some mossy patches using default library textures. There is also what appears to be a discontinued mushroom cluster that I can’t source.


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