Fresh Content

New Stuff! :::O

I’ve been posting all of my old posts lately. But I’m sure you’re wondering…. what do you actually look like right now?

This is the answer. These images were taken only a few days ago and are current to an outfit I regularly wear and pick apart to use in other outfits. That’s me, in pink, sitting in the yard of my current house. What are the biggest differences? My parts, for one. This outfit is one I’ve been wearing for a long time in some form or another, so the only real difference is the new pearls and… well… me!

I’ll admit… there are some new things in this post that aren’t me. There’s the hair, from the magika sale, and the pearls, from the last round of genre… but the rest i think it pretty well loved and used.

In Review:

pearls: !dM‘s Sarah le Sedutrice

dress: :::WEG:::’s Priscilla

shrug: Ezura +‘s brocade shrug

hair: Magika‘s Luna


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