February 19, 2014

Come a lil closer!

This was a great moment. This is one of my most favorite outfits of all time and I still wear it pretty often. I just love how muted it is, soft and demure and flowery. Perfect. I especially love the detail on the dress, though I don’t think it is actually available any longer. I checked a few months ago. Impermanence is one of the wonders and nuisances of second life.

Speaking of impermanence… these wristbands are an old group gift from [coepio]World’s End Garden is closed so you can’t pick up this flower crown anymore, and [solita] definitely took this dress down after it’s corresponding hunt was over.

But at least you get to see pictures of me wearing it, right? :::D

In Review:

Mesh Dress: [solita] Afloditi Dress

Cuffs: [coepio] Wrist Cuff in gold

Flower Crown: :::WEG::: Le jardin de la fille hair wreath

Necklace: :[Plastik]: Krysis Teardrop set, Hud 1


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