Modern Era

March and April of this year is when I consider my outfit posts to have actually become blogging. I staged and edited photos, listed credits regularly, and actually used poses. I totally didn’t use poses before this point. At all. Just slow-mo’d and snapped my ao and called it a day. And why not get in some studs and a cute jacket to celebrate finding the “Modern” period of my archives? I grabbed this combination at the wash cart sale for a great big discount, but thankfully, last time I checked, these pieces are still available at their respective main stores.

This was also when I discovered the cute grounds surrounding {Vespertine}. I mean I’d been drooling over the place for weeks but I hadn’t actually looked outside. All of these pics were at {Vespertine}.

I really do love sales and soft green windlights. Soft is my deal for a good chunk of the time, and for this outfit… it sure isn’t! I need to update and revamp it with a little bit more recent goodies! I still bust this simple combination out sometimes, though.

In Review:

dress: !The Little Bat Katie in red

jacket: Dark Water Designs Studded Biker Jacket in red


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