Beach Beastie

Let’s consider this a dual feature.

So I’m sure you’ve noticed I match all this old furniture in my old house. This was my little loft space, and I shared (and still share) my house with a siren/ram, so I decided to go nice n teal and starfishy. And then I decked myself out and took some pictures, too!

I really love this vanity set. It comes in more colors than I think I’ll ever need, it’s easy on my wallet, and the animations are cute. Almost everything but that has been cannibalized from a different set of decor, though. Like that starfish. Pulled it out of that shell back there and stuck it on my wall real big. THAT’s how you do interior decor!

In Review:

choker thingy: :[Plastik]:‘s Raven Reloaded collar in Geo

dress: .:TBO:. Lili dress w/ hud

vanity table+stool: Naive Design vanity table in seafoam

cute shell thinger+starfish on wall: nordari. my world in a shell starfish

sun wall decor+dresser in corner: BananaN Bhagwati set


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