Nudity! Oh No!

It’s okay I think it’s pretty faint nudity.

This was one of my first ever… unclothed outfits? I guess that’s the words for it. Any way, I picked up a cute harness by Luas at a gacha event and it looked soooo good without anything but me under it. So that’s exactly what I did. I also took this chance to use some pinkish hair and the *ARGRACE* comb again!

I sometimes consider busting this out again… It’s so simple and understated and it makes me feel really pretty. Which is funny because one of my fantasy adaptations burns when touching metal, and that’s all this outfit is made of.

In Review:

harness top+bottom: Luas Aaliyah harness n skirt in copper/wolf

Hairpiece: *ARGRACE* classic rose comb

wristcuffs and modded ankle thinger: [coepio] wrist cuffs


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