Last Brown Post!

You heard right.

This is the last archive post where I appeared in this form. After this point, pink wolfbeast body post is accurate. This is also from the very, very short time period where I was considering going wingless! And then promptly felt completely naked and said fuck it, dropped roughly 800 Lindens on the KZK Bat, and was once again happy.

Something that DOES make me happy is a dress from MaaiMaai has soooo many pretty dresses… and I have two of them for free! This one was a hunt gift I think, and the other a group gift. Maybe. If I can remember right.

In Review:

Dress: “Faith” from Maai. (no longer available, V2 at this link)

Jacket: Dark Water Designs Studded Biker Jacket in Rue Morgue Red

Necklace: :[Plastik]: Raven Reloaded Collar in Rose


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