Me? Hell? Never!

Okay so maybe I did a lil bit of time. It was just ONE village, I swear! Anyway, i dig this getup but think this dress was an exclusive for a past round of Fameshed. Which is terrible because then you can’t get it…. but at least I can take pictures of it. Live through me.

Just LOOK at all of these flowers and those soft hues! I seriously love this dress. It is perfection. It also came in several colors but i swear this is the prettiest one. It feels so fresh and open, especially with the unbuttoned blouse and the big poofy sleeves. it reminds me of cream. like the entire sensation of eating something creamy is in this dress. But what’s a dress if you don’t drape jewelery over yourself to even it out?

Flowers and purple glowy magical things are my favorites.

In Review:

dress: Persephone (violet) by Valentina E. Couture, at Fameshed

head stuff:



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