Going through my recent folders, I’ve been passing over the latest group gift from Purple Moon a lot… and wearing it, too! This dress takes up a lot of room, and when you’re gorgeous, there’s never a time you don’t own allll the visual space you want. So I’ve been ruffling feathers for the past few days. Continue reading


Not so Sea-faring.

God, but not goddess of the sea.

So I’m sure, by now, my readers are aware of my divine status. You’re gifted with this blog, isn’t that enough of an introduction?

But one thing has, and always will, elude me. The ocean. Great bodies of water. Water, alone, as an entity, an element, a portfolio. It is not mine. It belongs to other divinities.

However, a plaything and servant very close to me is a sea witch, a siren, a great beast that calls the ocean home and calls mortals into the waves.

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Just built a princess room! Dom is on the invisible list and sits inside, and a sub willingly comes through the door to be locked in to pamper and worship for whatever amount of time is decided. Outfitted with a worship desk, wall rack, leash ring, and a little bit of extra pretty! Better yet, it has multi-prisoner/sub capability… so you really can use all of those at once! Pav over here is just a step or two from getting the door shut behind him. Continue reading

Princess Time

Princesses have many duties to attend to. One of them is being great.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have many Princely duties to attend to. And I do it so well, you totally aren’t even aware of how busy and in-demand I am. That’s a joke. I do this stuff for fun because I’m Amazing. Anyway, I got this dress as a weekly group gift from The White Armory, but it’s totally in the outlet store for cheap. It also comes in a rich royal purple if you’re feeling more Kingly than cupcake-y. Continue reading