Just built a princess room! Dom is on the invisible list and sits inside, and a sub willingly comes through the door to be locked in to pamper and worship for whatever amount of time is decided. Outfitted with a worship desk, wall rack, leash ring, and a little bit of extra pretty! Better yet, it has multi-prisoner/sub capability… so you really can use all of those at once! Pav over here is just a step or two from getting the door shut behind him.

On me:

dress: [*RD*] my corset mini black

On Pav:

Pants: :{F.A.D.}: Heft Cargo Shorts Baggy/Plaid

Cuffs: SPUNK straps n spikes set

Collar: :::Insanya::: orchid


Princess Cage: [Claimed] Princess House

Wall rack: NBN 2 prim wall rack

Desk: The Kissable Foot Executive Femdom Desk

Leash ring: KM: Mesh leashring

Flowers in corner: Mesh frangipangi

Desk decor: Zaara [home] copper frangipangi bowl pink


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