Today was my long overdue visit to Dawn Kingdoms after hearing about their revamp.

Of course, that also means it is about time for a revamp for an older outfit. I’ve been a fan of Bare Rose (::: B@R :::) for ages, especially since their releases of flat chested versions of their mesh outfits. I’d be suuuper pleased if they’d just release boob, no boob, and boob+ versions of every mesh but… I guess that’s just going to be a dream never realized anywhere in the grid.

Anywho, I dressed up this adorable gilded suit dress with some jewelery from Yummy!. We all need more crystals. And gold. Together. Especially me, though, there’s always more room on me for gold and crystals.

In Review:

Suit: ::: B@R ::: Flat Gloxxel Lady


:(SH:) Ring of Five Moons in silver

Yummy! Crystal Cluster in Smokey Quartz

Necklace: Yummy! Small Crystal in gold

Location: Prehistorica – Dawn Kingdoms


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