Not so Sea-faring.

God, but not goddess of the sea.

So I’m sure, by now, my readers are aware of my divine status. You’re gifted with this blog, isn’t that enough of an introduction?

But one thing has, and always will, elude me. The ocean. Great bodies of water. Water, alone, as an entity, an element, a portfolio. It is not mine. It belongs to other divinities.

However, a plaything and servant very close to me is a sea witch, a siren, a great beast that calls the ocean home and calls mortals into the waves.

And if he belongs to me, where does that put me? On friendly terms with the ocean, I’d guess. So today I splurged on some fatpacks from [Wishbox] on some money gifted to me by a servant. The very first one I unpacked was called “Lagoon.” So I skipped, hopped, and flew down to Garlic Breath for a little salty-aired cavorting and exploring.

I love how open this place is to the sky. I think it puts me back in my element, where I can see everything and feel in charge. But next to this great expanse of water… even I feel a little small. (Jk. as if.)

In Review:

dress: [Wishbox] Cassiopeia in Lagoon

necklaces: Yummy! Midsummer Blossoms +Guardian Charms in silver


:(SH:) Ring of Five Moons in silver

Yummy! Crystal Cluster in Smokey Quartz

Location: Garlic Breath


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