Crochet in the club.

Though I tend not to go clubbing outside my visits to Tail Raisers, I followed Pavatti to the Ark the other day to meet a friend of his. It just wouldn’t do to go naked, so I pulled on something cute and slapped some legwarmers onto the bottom end of some stockings. Ta da!

It didn’t take long to pick out this adorable balloon skirt at G field, or to drop a little pocket change on some gacha prizes from (Yummy).

In Review:


(Yummy) Dainty Tiara Blue 3 and Lady Heart Tiara Pink 2

.LIME. galaxy stone ring 6

:(SH:) ring of 5 moons in silver

skirt and stockings:

*GF* Bella skirt

Apricot Paws echo legwarmers


Poncho by Boudoir


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