Ancient Godbeast.

Yup. Average eon for the likes of me.

I admit it. These pics are literally ancient. The sim I took these in are gone, I’ve changed my tail and gotten entirely new facial decor. (Which you will be seeing later, of course.) But it just feels… so classically me. Lounging around with big hair and very little clothing. Little, but wonderful clothing.

I’ll admit, the time around this photoset is veeeery blurry. So is my DOF. This adorable silks set by ::Daebaucheri:: is definitely crystal clear, though. It was my first purchase from that store on a 25L$ Tuesday… worth way more than the measly handful I paid for it!

The detail just sings to me, like this little crystal cave did. Every knot is so beautifully rendered, the rope so thick and luscious… and there’s way more at ::Daebaucheri::, so go buy all of them. All Of Them. Like I did.

So, to pop in some very brief credits down here:

clothes: ::DB:: Sake Girl set

hair: Exile::Full of Secrets

location: the now-closed demon beast island sim.


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