Glory in a new realm.

Honestly that title could mean a lot of things.

Really, though. I look good, I have new stuff, I’m in a new place. Triple whammy. However, this new realm is specifically a new rp sim I’ve adopted as home since every other sim decided to close on the same weekend. *stares at the camera with a faintly furrowed brow.*

Hollowgate is a true gift to the grid. People like me are actually protected in the rules for gender identity and presentation variance both oocly and icly. This is absolutely amazing, because I’ve seen maybe a grand total of two places in sl dedicated even remotely to keeping people like me safe and happy. And no, boatloads of slur-ridden ads about trans sex workers at a club does not count as keeping people like me safe and happy.

Aside from that, though, Hollowgate has an awful lot going for it.

  • Wonderfully low-lag build with great detail and character.
  • Respectfully acknowledges and encourages BDSM and D/s icly and oocly.
  • Has an amazing backstory that combines fantasy and apocalyptic themes in a modern setting.
  • Like really the owner has written a novel about the events occurring before the setting of this sim.
  • People on sim actually seemed happy to interact with a giant pink god monster integrating themself into the setting.
  • It hasn’t even officially opened yet, but its already so full and interesting.

The sim officially opens with several day-long rp events on the fifteenth, but people willing to overlook wip builds and lore still being put in notecards are more than welcome to come chill out.

But anyway…. Back to me.

I felt like gold today, and it took at least twenty years to pick the perfect set of nails to go with this gown I found stuffed in a random folder in my inventory. Almost all of these are gacha items… something I’m absolutely coming to love. So fun!

So, after my relentless plug for my new rp home, here’s the details on my gorgeous duds:

dress: *{Junbug}*  Midnight Fae Ivory

hand things and boob things: .aisling. Dame des Fleurs in gold

quartz crown: [CX] Quartz Crown Gold

Hair: mix of eXxEsS Indra and Magika Sofia

Location: The amazing Hollowgate rp sim (come visit!! yes, now!!)


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