Night Empress

It’s dark and I have a big dress.

This post was from a sad night a few weeks back, after I’d modded new stuff onto my head and picked up way more dresses than any one god could ever possibly need. Okay, that’s a lie, I will always need more dresses. Anyway, this was a particularly destructive night.

In order to combat the sheer power surging through me and urging me to tear up some trees by the roots and ruin the wonderful hilly landscape of kentucky, I stuck some flowers on my head in SL. Specifically, gacha flowers that I had played the machine at least a million times to get and was somewhat proud of owning.

They’re by *LODE*. *LODE* also made those hydrangea bushes for one’s head that I about passed out upon seeing. They’re beautiful. *LODE* can do no wrong.

Being that this was a sad night, I also needed a cute dress that mostly didn’t need an alpha. I do not have the energy to grab out my Nauha hud and make a new body just for this dress.

So I whipped out this big ole beautiful thing I got at a round at some event or another, by Stargazer Creations. They have a new one for every We <3 RP round, I’m pretty sure. If I remember right.

Anyway. It’s got a bigass skirt and big sleeves and enough room on the bust for a big necklace. The necklace pictured here is by Glam Affair. It’s dark. It feels grounding. It’s super detailed and beautiful, go get one.

This was, in general, the perfect time of night to be moping around in my yard and soothing myself. A little bit of windlight tweaking and the right outfit certainly can soothe a raging beast. It worked that time, at least.

The stuff:

Dress: Stargazer Creations Empress Leontine lavender

Necklace: Glam Affair Edyta Bib Necklace violet

Head Flowers: *LODE* Peony Double mixed


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