Love Me, Need Me, Adore Me, Feed Me!

This was yet another gloomy day in late February. But, of course, being god is a very draining task. Who doesn’t need a little time sucking out souls and wearing pretty golden dresses to recoup?

Also I figured out some cool windlights. Awesome!

This outfit is a fun mix of two of my favorite designers. :V.e. and [P]. Valentina E. Couture makes such amazing mesh clothing, I about fall over every time there’s something new. Plastik is a long time favorite, and the owner is super friendly! As in we send one another pictures of lightning and clouds every couple of months and bond over it.

I’m sure you’re seeing a pattern. When I’m having a hard time, I pick a corner of my house, set mood lighting, and wander around being beautiful by myself for a bit. It seems to have worked in February. Maybe it will work later, too.

March has been way better, at least. I think. For now.

In review:

Dress: Plastik Starias in flight

Fur and pauldrons: :V.e. Tya set in gold.


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