I took these pictures a little while ago, after snatching up as many things in the Illmatic closing sale as I could… It always makes me sad when I don’t know about something until it’s over.

Especially when it’s cute stuff like bracelets and giant rigged mesh furs. Yum yum.

Anyway, things are looking up. I’m applying to a new job with regular hours and weekends and holidays off, I’m finally getting signed up for the final driving test, and somehow I’m managing to keep myself fed and clean on a daily basis. It’s hard being a god witch.

In review:

dress + necklace: .::※Distorted Dreams※::. Swamp Witch in moss

fur stole: Lethal / ::LC:: Elisa Minx Stole in grey (store closed/closing)

bracelets: ILLMATIC Springstreet Mixed Bangles (store closed/closing)

crown: Cerberus Crossing / [CX] Quartz Crown in black

book: May’s Soul Spellbook With Orbe


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