Heat Wave | Never Too Humid For Fur


It is starting to get hot. In Kentucky, this means it is wildly swip-swapping between being gross soggy humid and sunburn hot with no clouds. Sometimes there is a reasonably cooler rainy day, but usually it just flings between the two extremes. Since wearing no clothing is not a luxury I have for stretches of hours at a time, I’m indulging myself with cute skimpy outfits in Second Life. This includes pulling out some old favorites from my virtual closet, and some newer pieces to top it off properly.

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Wear some shades.



skirt: :[P]:– Vyrr Skirt [M]:// Alva

legbag: [ Obscure ] – Bang!ThigBag (Black-Silver)

top: DaZeD DeZineZ Dark Muse Mesh Top

stole: LaGyo_Sienna Faux fur scarf Black

flower crown: :[P]:– Lily Crown:// Fade

bracelet: LaGyo_Maya bangle silver

necklace: LaGyo_Maya necklace silver


Five Years’ Time | And Pretty Pink Fur


So, today’s a bit of a day for reminiscing. What was I doing in 2010? What will I be doing in 2020? Five years is a long, long time. I am not who I was five years ago, all though some of my many interests are the same. I will certainly not be the same being in the future, perhaps I’ll be more vibrant, more expansive, more luxuriant. Maybe I’ll just remember to use primer on my eyelids before using eyeshadow more often. Less creasing and streaking.

For now, I just know I like who I am better, right now. I’m at least somewhat happier, conditionally happier. I was never happy five years ago. I get periods of enjoyment from hobbies and being gorgeous. I have a wonderful House of people and toys that love and adore me. Sometimes, I can even remember important things!

2010 was also around the time I got into an advanced science program in earnest, really got to do field work and relevant research in my community. I’m now completely hooked on science. I love it. I love this planet, and the people, and the cute tiny frogs that can kill way bigger animals just by sweating on them. Mostly, I love intricate things. I love how well this weird, happenstance system appears to work. So very, very many things mystify and intrigue me. I pray that it will never lose its luster.

I hope that in the future, my most divine and pleasing aspects remain. I want to be more energetic and weighty, I want to feel the sun on my soul and know where and who I am. Also I’d like to stop hallucinating, but that’s a bit of a long shot.

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What’s happened to you in five years’ time? What do you think will happen to you before 2020? Do you think you’re the same person you were in 2010?

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Aaaaand credits!

stole: .: ryvolter :. Mink Princess Stole – Pink

top: Baiastice_Gina Blouse Sheer-Pink

shorts: Baiastice_Vigo High Waist Shorts-Pink

New body post!

Sooooo here’s that new link pile I promised for my new body. I had an excuse to get pictures for a friend doing an art commission for me. I’m actually pretty excited since it’s been a while since my last art of me, and my stuff has changed a lot since then!


Sorry for my naked head. I change hair so much that it didn’t really seem plausible to add every single one to this body post… especially since I’ll find new ones after it gets posted!

At the moment I’m absolutely loving my SLINK physique body. Not to say I didn’t adore my Nauha before, but this one just seems to fit into all my old clothing with so much less fuss and clipping after applying alphas. I like the breast shape more and feel like the shoulders are more sloped and natural to my eye. Also I can use all the stuff I bought that just happened to have SLINK appliers but no omega appliers.

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Here’s my weird bare beauty for you. It’ll always be that weird pretty/monstrous combo of mine that really makes me who and what I am. Just couldn’t live without my tusks OR my pretty pink nose!

What deep details about yourself make you who you are? What distinguishes you from who you were last year or last month, and what makes you the same person?

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the bits!

eyes: :[P]:– Galaxie Eye ://Sugar

head: PAWS rat + NekoMoMo Sweet Ratty

tail: KZK Dazzle Bat

feet: KZK Dazzle Bat

legs: DSD Deer

skin: KZK (Not Dazzle) Bat

body: SLINK Physique

arms: + Kali Arms V1 + {aii}

ears: [][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Low Pierced

wings: DSD Dragon

hands: SLINK elegant1 and elegant

horns/head deco: *~*Illusions*~* Aepyceros Horns

*~*Illusions*~* Rusa Antlers: Copy

:[P]:– Nyraxis Horns :// Terrivra

:[P]:– Living Light Horns :// Fauna

KK Fantasy Deathdealer Horns

*NW* Simple Antlers

+ Demi Goddess Ivory Hair Silver&Gold Halo + {aii}

hand jewelery: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – SLINK Elegant – OPALIS-GOLD (and elegant1 counterpart)

:(SH:) Ring of 5 Moons- silver

face and neck jewelery: Lakrya – Skye Mesh Necklace

.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild nosechain gold T

Sea Soggy and Drenched in Sunlight.


Please excuse the break from standard procedure. Yet again, the Goddess of Whim (me!) has impulsively done whatever the hell he wants, and it turned out pretty great!

That’s what this picset is done with. There’s a billion buttons and I want to play with them ALL! And I will. Ohoho, I will.

  • Bought a two year dealie with Lumosity!

Seriously if you like fun games that help improve general mental function, this is a necessity. I dropped like seventy bucks on it and I think that’s totally worth two years of unlimited access to the games and their scorekeeping/diagnostic tools and guidance. Not to mention there’s mobile apps, so I don’t have to be at home to train my response times and focus.

  • Started renting a full homestead from Value Rentals!

This is a huge step up from my corner plot that I’d rented for some 300 ish days. It’s big, it has lots of prims, and it is allll mine. It’s really nice to be on ground level without having to rez neighbors, and it’s especially nice that it’s only 6779/week, as compared to some competitors. I’ve cultivated a lovely beach, as seen here.

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Being all caught up in my own water and wind… I feel so full. I could end up anywhere. So why not a nice sunrise in a big dress? Like a REALLY big dress? At least in SL your clothes never get wet and you can’t drown.

What makes you feel most full and fulfilled? Is it a place, a person, something you do? Or are you still looking for something to fill your time and heart?

Here’s a song for us!


Dress: Maai Ellen wedding gown

Uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Chidori

Necklaces: (Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Day

(Yummy) Small Crystal Necklace – Gold

Bracelets: [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold

Mad Echo – Princess Bracelet

Golden Evening and a God Slightly Out Of Place (and enjoying it.)

So, trawling through the Second Life tag recently, I came across a location feature by Jeff Goodnight on Goodnight Photography. I’m always looking for pretty new places to stand around and look at strangers and their fun builds, so I was more than a little excited to read about Indie Heights.

My wife’s indie. ish. Sorta. We joke about her being a hipster, but she’s like, pre-hipster. Left of hipster, up the stairs, and on the balcony of the second floor. She likes the music and sometimes the clothes and we both sure as hell love the little niche coffee shops that serve awesome smoothies and banana chocolate chip muffins. But that’s for another day.

Anyway, the vint coffee shop is a post for another day, and not for an SL blog.


Instead, lets look at my awesome murky green windlight choices and great manicure. I haven’t posted where my nails come from before now, but I think I’m going to start doing that. Air out my collection of SLINK manicure huds. (I have a lot of them. Alaskametro is quickly becoming one of my most versatile favorites though.)

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Here’s a song for us!


dress: *{Junbug}* Andel in Golden

hat: *LODE* Head Accessory – Peony Crown [yellow]

uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Hasu

necklaces: (Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Day

(Yummy) Divining Crystals Necklace – Gold

nails: beauty by alaskametro<3 SLINK manicure applier – Pastel/Gold

location: Indie Heights

The First of Many Frolicks


This is the very first photoset I shot with my PAWS rat head. I mean, obviously, I took wip shots, but none of those are here or for consumption. This was also the first time I wore this particular dress by Junbug. And my first purchase of an uchiwa because I needed way more colors than just green. (That’s a joke, it was more like my first seven purchases of an uchiwa because I’m impulsive and I get what I want.)

Speaking of what I want, this is also the first head I’ve gotten my beautiful space eyes by Plastik to fit into. SPACE! In my EYES! Every other head I had wasn’t hollow on the inside because they were sculpties, but this pretty mesh head has plenty of room for galaxies. Just what I needed.

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It had actually been a while since my last visit to Alirium. It looks almost exactly how I left it, just as mystical and inviting and secretive. There’s no lack of pretty flowers. That’s probably why I love Alirium so much. Their store is a garden for the heart.

I like to think staying in pretty places will keep me positive and optimistic.

What do you do, or where do you go, to keep yourself positive and optimistic? Do you have your own favorite places or ways of being?

Here’s a song for you!


Uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Renchi

Gown: Junbug Princess Andale

Necklaces: (Yummy) Midsummer Blossom Necklace – Turquoise

(Yummy)  Planet Lover Charm Necklace – Deluxe

Hat: *LODE* Head Accessory – Hortensia Crown [blue]

Location: Alirium

Just got home from the body part shop!

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Ta da! New body parts! And they really are new, I bought everything but the deer just for this modding upgrade. The KZK dazzle bat is still pretty expensive for a sculpty based av at 1000 Lindens, but eh, I only used three parts of it. I’m sure I’ll pull other parts of it to pieces and reuse them later. That’s one of my favorite things in the entire world. I’m actually… Really really happy with this head. Unfortunately, the teeth keep coming back with the talkjaw turned on, so that’s off. But my tusks wouldn’t move with it anyway, so no biggie. I kinda… want to try opening the mouth and putting Space inside of it? Why not. Space is a good thing to have more of. Anyway. This came after a somewhat short… is two to three days short?… period of agony. Everything was so awful, my world was ending, i was gonna die. So instead I shut down my brain and made a cute new face, instead. The results are more than pleasant now that I’m like, one foot in and one foot out of feeling awful and half dead.

What do you do when nothing really helps you? Where do you find yourself when you’re most downtrodden? Would you say that you do some things like muscle memory when you’re down

here is a song for you! https://open.spotify.com/track/0bRJboc2VNrbM5XAolC5gD

Credits! foots – dsd deer lower leg and kzk dazzle bat foot

head – paws rat w sweet ratty mod by NekoMoMo

eyes – :[P]:– Galaxie Eye://Sugar

The End Of An Era (The serbex era, to be precise.)

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I’m sure we’re all rather used to my big, beautiful muzzle. I know I am. I’ve gotten used to editing hair out of the way and begrudgingly putting glasses on the very top of my head, y’know, amongst all the other things on the very top of my head. I really do love my big nose and big teeth and big eyes…

But I love inspiration and following my divine whims waaay more. Which is why, after seeing several lovely modded beasties with serbex tusks on different heads, I will be retiring my serbex head. Probably not permanently, but for now, I’d just like my mesh hair to fit better and for my nose to stay a little closer to my face.

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