The End Of An Era (The serbex era, to be precise.)

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I’m sure we’re all rather used to my big, beautiful muzzle. I know I am. I’ve gotten used to editing hair out of the way and begrudgingly putting glasses on the very top of my head, y’know, amongst all the other things on the very top of my head. I really do love my big nose and big teeth and big eyes…

But I love inspiration and following my divine whims waaay more. Which is why, after seeing several lovely modded beasties with serbex tusks on different heads, I will be retiring my serbex head. Probably not permanently, but for now, I’d just like my mesh hair to fit better and for my nose to stay a little closer to my face.

So, what happens after this? How different will the beloved goddess look? Will I grow more arms? Less arms? Turn blue?

No, hell no, and maybe. I did actually work on a tealish skin mod about half a year back, but decided I liked pink more.

What really happens is that my beloved serbex head and all variations of it go into a pretty folder, and everybody else waits with bated breath for the first posts with my new head, feet, and tail to roll out. It won’t be long, I promise, since I’ve already got my first couple photosets lined up and everything is nice and pretty already.

It also means a big upgrade to the body parts post, as that is horrifically out of date. I’m pretty sure I got new horns not even a week after finishing it and putting it live.

I’ve come a really, really long way.

Don’t you think?


dress: Junbug Sleeping Beauty

crop: .random.Matter. – Kitten Ham Popper

bracelet: Mad Echo – Princess Bracelet

flower crown: :[P]:– Lily Crown:// Cloud

necklace: (Yummy) Midsummer Blossom Necklace – Turquoise


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