Heat Wave | Never Too Humid For Fur


It is starting to get hot. In Kentucky, this means it is wildly swip-swapping between being gross soggy humid and sunburn hot with no clouds. Sometimes there is a reasonably cooler rainy day, but usually it just flings between the two extremes. Since wearing no clothing is not a luxury I have for stretches of hours at a time, I’m indulging myself with cute skimpy outfits in Second Life. This includes pulling out some old favorites from my virtual closet, and some newer pieces to top it off properly.

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Wear some shades.



skirt: :[P]:– Vyrr Skirt [M]:// Alva

legbag: [ Obscure ] – Bang!ThigBag (Black-Silver)

top: DaZeD DeZineZ Dark Muse Mesh Top

stole: LaGyo_Sienna Faux fur scarf Black

flower crown: :[P]:– Lily Crown:// Fade

bracelet: LaGyo_Maya bangle silver

necklace: LaGyo_Maya necklace silver


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