From Such Great Heights | Re-finding all my unrigged/sculpted clothing.


I intentionally grew to my more true height, recently. Of course it’s missing arms since my favorites are rigged, but hey. Looks good. Walks good. Sits good. It’s super tall and super gorgeous and I don’t mind digging in my inventory for old fully sculpted or unrigged outfits just to make this look great.

I see this particular body and its larger siblings by the same maker occasionally in public, but the owners are prone to poofing before I can fully appreciate it! A friend at an rp sim did a scene with me while wearing it, and I was finally able to inspect it and figure out where to get it! It took me a while to decide… but one calm, fun morning later, I had it done and ready for public wearing, with a few outfits and hairs fitted for it.

My friend Petzi has also given me some advice on getting the talk jaw to work nicely… Maybe that’ll come next! (After more shopping, obviously.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Aaaand a song for us, one of my favorites! Though I WON’T be coming down, now.


Aaaaand credits!

new giant mesh body: Rin’s 9ft Mesh Avatar 1.0

outfit: Caverna Obscura Shahrazad Red/Webs

where: home, outside of vi’s house for size reference.


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