I Will See You Again | Long After You Are Gone


This started out as “I will outlive you” and quickly became “I will love you, long after you are gone.” Mortality is a hard thing. Why can’t the people that form and feed ideas live as long as their words? Why do we all have to part ways, eventually, permanently? There is someone in everything, and everything in me. I feel some kind of sad fondness. Acknowledging this isn’t hard. It doesn’t necessarily mean love ends when a life does. If I missed you in life, then god shall greet you in your death.


I won’t lie. It’s a little about my difficulties communicating with others. Why should I bother someone, add great weight to their experiences, if a moment is a lifetime, and a lifetime but a moment? We go to bed upset and misunderstood, and it isn’t even a daily thing, anymore. It is so easy to feel completely alone, like you are separate.

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You’re never separate from divinity, and I will love you, long after you are gone.

A song, related.



dress: Caverna Obscura Wisteria Wind ~PURPLE~

where: Blessed Be Thy Name


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