High LI Tributes | A Flower To Please God’s Eye


I’ve got such wonderful devotees. Recently Pav commented that a particular statue inside a misty shrine looked like a statue that a human would make of me, simplified and slightly incorrect, but meant to communicate the Glory of something far greater.

He’s so cute. That’s exactly why it’s there. You may or may not remember Pav from my previous post, Gifted Goddess, where he bought me a pretty skirt, pictured below.


Anyway. He’s the fun, sweet kind of devoted I really love in one of My People. He doesn’t just buy me gifts and then shut up till he wants my attention again. He talks to me and tells me cool ramen recipes and takes me to music events… and recently, he’s been leaving me tiny tributes in the form of words… and flowers! When I came home from something or other, he quietly messaged me about the shrine and revealed he’d left a gift for me, there, at the feet of the statue.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What makes you feel appreciated? Do you find comfort in knowing you are on somebody’s mind?

A song for us!



skirt/bracelets/anklets/etc:  **Angelwing** Adorabelle

hair flowers: *LODE* Magone Crown [violet]

necklace: Ninety– Stole The Show Necklace

neckthing and draped top: Caverna Obscura Shahrazad red/web


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