Meeting for Tea | Table Mints in Your Lap


Things have been passable. The heat has calmed, the humidity isn’t overkill, and my new job is awesome. I’m awesome. You’re awesome. I somehow plucked a nice stranger out of a findom group, which is a real shocker considering my past results with contacting people based on shared interest.

Things are in change. So now’s a good time for taking friends for smoothies, or tea… and especially for treating myself to nice things. (Though that’s my default state of existance, anyway.)

I recently found some adorable slink-compatible lingerie sets and separate tights, which are, unfortunately, on conflicting layers, but are both lovely on their own. This happened to coincide with me buying and modding pretty slink high and mid feet and a makeshift stocking layer for my claws, and a new friend/guest gifting me these adorable gacha pieces from Axix, A store I’d otherwise not heard of. (You just did, though. You’re welcome.)


Hopefully, things stay just as nice as they are now. Keep prayin’ and livin’ as you will, and enjoy some fun every now and then. Run around in your pretty, lacy mint underwear and steal some hearts n’ souls.

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I need you so much closer.



lingerie: antielle. Marchioness Lingerie in Teal

belt + top: ::Axix:: Shi-Mae Top {Green} +belt


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