Divinity comes In Blue

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Arise, You’re Alive | Temporary Absence of Light


Things are rough. Sometimes, they’re rougher because I refuse to let myself rest and have nice things. Even I can’t sit with me, apparently. (insert laugh track)


I come up completely blank trying to find a period of time that hasn’t been at least a little awful. In looking back, I realize I should have cut myself some slack. Should have taken a few more breaths. Should have just had a damn nap and saved myself some pain and suffering.


It’s my fault. I’m always rushing forward–always have to perform, always have to earn supper, always have to be right or strong or in power. Even though I think I’m doing these things, gaining or maintaining these qualities… It’s almost never true, and I need to trust and rely on my own capacity for restfulness just as much as I rely on comfort from loved ones.

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I could make things so much easier on myself if I’d just chill for two minutes and let it be easy. Accept what is going on, do it, move on. Relax. Even though it probably won’t be long before I’m hurtling along horns-first into more trouble than I can handle.

a song to cool off to!


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