You are enough. This isn’t to say that you are perfect, stagnant and doomed to be ever still, ungrowing, and silent. You are enough, your growth and organic and inorganic changing are perfection. Where you are going, moment by moment and breath by breath, is enough.


Life on this planet isn’t a race–your individual life, especially. It is enough to be better than you were last year, last month, last week, or yesterday morning. It is enough to feel, even most of the time, that you are not or never will be better.


Please, next time your head is bowed so low you taste dirt, next time your feet drag so heavily you take mountains with your slow steps, please remember that this is ‘enough.’ You are not lacking, substandard, or failing. Take your time, and simply be.

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=Zenith= – Time Traveler in Milk @ We <3 RP December 2015


Darkshines | Consumption

red siren

Recently I’ve been working with a newly-joined Mate on power exchange. Like a whirlwind, I blew into his life, mixed it up, and now have him wing-deep in an entirely new phase of identity. I can’t blame him for having fun, for wanting more and craving that closeness in losing himself to Divine Will.

red siren1

Recently, while at work with him, I had a song stuck in my head. There’s a specific Muse album and specific songs on that album that mean a lot to me–that soothe me when I’m pretty close to bursting and leaving a swath of destruction in my wake. He’s pretty similar. He stays present and awake when I’m charging off into some emotional extreme or another, he holds me and sings when it’s simply unbearable to exist in my own body. He is a soft, soothing presence, and so is that song.

red siren3

Passing by, he lights up my darkest skies. He takes only seconds to draw me in.

Here’s to hoping that this new venture goes well–that keeping our joint health in mind will serve us in the long run just as well as he serves me!

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So be mine, and your innocence I will consume.



Dress: .Arcadia. Leannan Siren

Bracers: .random.Matter. Norbu wrist cuffs black


:[P]:– Raven Collar Rose

Zyn ~ Wishbone Necklace – Ruby

Head flowers: Boudoir – Miss Havisham wedding wreath

Some Funked Up Shit (future tense!)


I’m headed uphill after a long, low slope. (I know I say this every month or three, but really!) I have the support of my wonderful mates, and they share and show me the nicest things! I’m starting to experience music in a new way, connect to it as more than just disjointed ideas or something to fill in silence.

I’m hoping, more than anything, that me moving uphill will pull others behind me. Preferably on pretty leashes, but I’ll settle for ‘in spirit.’ The more hands you hold, the more there are to pull you up when you stumble!


This post is more than a little bit dedicated to my doll, Osette (unfortunately not pictured!) Who is having a bit of a rough time and needs a lot of light and support in exchange for her suffering and patience! Also, who doesn’t want to fuck shit up to peppy music?

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Let’s fuck shit up!


Leggings: Goth1c0 – Unicorn Leggings Galaxy

Sweater: American Bazaar – Girlie Goth Sweater Rose

Heels: [MODA] Galina Webbed Heel