Some Funked Up Shit (future tense!)


I’m headed uphill after a long, low slope. (I know I say this every month or three, but really!) I have the support of my wonderful mates, and they share and show me the nicest things! I’m starting to experience music in a new way, connect to it as more than just disjointed ideas or something to fill in silence.

I’m hoping, more than anything, that me moving uphill will pull others behind me. Preferably on pretty leashes, but I’ll settle for ‘in spirit.’ The more hands you hold, the more there are to pull you up when you stumble!


This post is more than a little bit dedicated to my doll, Osette (unfortunately not pictured!) Who is having a bit of a rough time and needs a lot of light and support in exchange for her suffering and patience! Also, who doesn’t want to fuck shit up to peppy music?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let’s fuck shit up!


Leggings: Goth1c0 – Unicorn Leggings Galaxy

Sweater: American Bazaar – Girlie Goth Sweater Rose

Heels: [MODA] Galina Webbed Heel


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