Death Upon the Vine


How could something so fair be so cruel? \

But if you’ll be my skyline,

then I will be the wave

that reduces you to rubble

and looked safe from so far away. //

And all our debris flow to the ocean

to meet again, i hope it will. \

There is an answer in a question,

and there is hope within despair,

and there is beauty in a failure,

and there are depths beyond compare //

“Darling don’t you understand,

that there are no winners? \

My love, why do you run?

For my hands hold no guns.”//

And there is grace within forgiveness

but it’s so hard for me to find. //\

And I tried to be kind for you  \//


Today is not a very good one. I’m struggling, and instead of doing the things I’m supposed to do (Thanks, Dialectical Behavior Therapy!) I did this and cried a lot. The ‘poem’ above is some lyrics tortured from the songs on Death Cab for Cutie’s new Kintsugi album.

Constrais-Obligais doesn’t get credits post because she doesn’t do clothes ever.



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