Words About Something | Progressively Less Lost

Although I am wearing that lovely Time Keeper dress by Zenith again, this is not really a fashion post. It’s an update or state of the union or what have you.


I think I’m coming into a period of healing. It isn’t without its bumps and pitfalls and setbacks, but things seem possible from my perspective that were impassable mere weeks ago. A few months ago, I laughed at the mere prospect of becoming functional. I took several showers this week and have actually eaten regularly. I contacted my next job prospect and am taking her slow reply much more smoothly than even I imagined I would.

Now if only I could get a handle on mood swings and executive functioning… And write one hell of a book!


Recently, loved ones have been encouraging me to use my creativity and writing skills to make the sort of fictions I wanted to see and read when I was younger. Seeing people like me in places of power and strength in fiction, instead of as the villain or fridged plot point, would be absolutely incredible… and I can be the means to get us there.


At the moment I have both an original fantasy setting forming in my head, and I’ve also fallen in love again with 3.5edition Forgotten Realms settings from Dungeons and Dragons. If R.A. Salvatore could write entire books about Drizzt Do’Urden and survive, what could possibly keep me from sharing my Forgotten Realms setting fiction with the world?



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