Avatar Social Network | Community and Credits!


Okay, so, just to get it out in the first paragraph–that’s an ATM, and that sign in the background does say “MAKE MONEY!”

However, it also says “Avatar Social Network,” which is the name of one of the best virtual-world and sl focused social websites I’ve ever seen. A lot of the websites I’ve seen advertised as virtual world or SL equivalents to facebook have been exact clones of facebook, but with poor coding, or disappeared or went dead silent after a few months of action. ASN is small, but the community talks to one another and shares a lot of their virtual lives. People from IMVU and various MMOs are also on ASN, but most of the community feed looks like SL and various opensim/privately managed grids.

I’ve been on ASN for… goodness I don’t even remember. I went inactive for a while with a short SL hiatus, and came back on my birthday this year! There’s a lot to see and learn, like people advertising their clubs and photography, and groups that get together to do flash mobs!

One of my favorite things to do is go through the main feed and welcome new users to the website… So do me a solid, and go sign up so I can welcome you!


That right there is my personal sign up link, but if you want to see some of the cool stuff already going on on ASN… here’s a few links!

And… as I’m sure it’s piqued interest… Doing absolutely anything and everything on the website will net you ‘credits.’ Credits can be exchanged for currency in some virtual worlds, like SL! For SL, the transfer is at a rate of 100 Credits per 1 Linden dollar.

You can earn credits for logging in, posting statuses, blogs, and forum posts, and interacting with posts other people make!  (As if you NEEDED the extra encouragement to share all the cool stuff you get up to!)

Avatar Social Network is a pretty refreshing social website for virtual worlds. Sign up here!


Elasticity is a Hard Form to Find | Bounding into Any Direction


I think it’s funny how often I think of a challenge as being ‘new’. Somehow, every disaster is the absolute worst thing that has ever happened to me. I took these pictures some time ago, during one of my many crises, and failed to edit or do anything with them until now.

I’m not in the clear, but it’s a lot easier to breathe now that I’m focusing on other things–like fun and finally filing my fafsa a month and a half late.

Which, by the way, if you will be a student in the United States of America between july this year and june next year, PLEASE click this link to OFFICIALLY file your FAFSA FOR FREE via the official government site. DO NOT EVER pay anybody to file your fafsa for you! It’s FREE! fafsa.ed.gov!!!


Anyway… Somehow, I’m still going. This time four years ago, I thought I wouldn’t be. This time a month ago, I thought I was reaching my end. In fact, this time yesterday evening, I could feel death drawing closer to me. It’s absolutely amazing how much you can reach, stretch, grow, and achieve when you feel like you really aren’t doing all that much.

Even if you don’t think you are growing, you are. Even if you think you have stagnated, you have not. Every breath and every moment you live, even the parts that are agony, are building you up further and further.

Please don’t give up. Even if bending, stretching, growing is the most taxing and tiring thing in the world, I know you can do it! You can tell all your family and friends that a God believes in you, lol.


I found that going ‘back’ to struggles I’ve had before really put this month and the start of 2016 in perspective for me. I’m learning a lot about myself, even if I don’t feel too smart about it, and it comes through mistakes and confusion.

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Keep stretching! You are what will get you through all of your struggles!

Here’s a song for us! It’s one of my many power songs!



Dress: SPIRIT – Liko dress in pink

Jacket: SPIRIT – Liko jacket in holographic