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Your first glimpse!

Welcome to my blog, Glittery Horned Goddess, sister-blog to King Godwitch Gaything. This is a refuge for my Second Life posts and reviews of products and locations, separate from my personal blogs. This means you will see no personal posts here. You will have to visit my personal tumblr for those! I blog primarily pretty and gothy fashions, included rigged and fitted mesh and lots and lots of accessories. This might occasionally include things like sculpted and mesh hair, but I tend to change that less often than my clothes!

To start out with, I will mostly be crossposting outfit posts I’ve already done from my personal blog, starting with the oldest first. These will primarily just be pictures with a listing of the included items, not including my base avatar parts. A separate base avatar post will be made and kept visible for those curious!

More about me, so you know who you are looking at! I’m a queer and mentally ill artist named Glask Aki. I have seven wonderful mates and I am lifestyle dominant to six of them.   I live in the United States on a farm with arabian horses, and work at an arboretum and research forest in natural areas conservation and restoration. I spend a lot of time on Second Life prettying things up and modding outfits and avatars! I am Glask Aki/zatasha.zabaleta on Second Life, and you’re more than welcome to contact me! I recently got my first permanent residence in Second Life, and ‘live’ there with a lot of friends! I’m a godwitch, highly spiritual, and respect the religious beliefs of all other people. I have a high tolerance for what most people would call annoying, but I draw the line at harmful or purposefully inflammatory!

More about my style, so you know what you’ll be seeing! I like dresses and wraps and crop tops. I like pyramid studs and spikes and glitter and flowers. I like flowers a lot. You are going to see a lot of flowers. I am brutish, but refined and glamorous. Most of what I wear is purposefully picked to make the dichotomy between monster and pretty all the more obvious! I have never had a human avatar, and never will. I have several non-humanoid avatars like mlp ponies, NAM chibi catastrophe, and one or two other cute monsters! I like lace and veils and skulls just as much as i like leather and pastel and ruffles! I have a huge inventory, and you’re going to see all of my favorite pieces!