Some Funked Up Shit (future tense!)


I’m headed uphill after a long, low slope. (I know I say this every month or three, but really!) I have the support of my wonderful mates, and they share and show me the nicest things! I’m starting to experience music in a new way, connect to it as more than just disjointed ideas or something to fill in silence.

I’m hoping, more than anything, that me moving uphill will pull others behind me. Preferably on pretty leashes, but I’ll settle for ‘in spirit.’ The more hands you hold, the more there are to pull you up when you stumble!


This post is more than a little bit dedicated to my doll, Osette (unfortunately not pictured!) Who is having a bit of a rough time and needs a lot of light and support in exchange for her suffering and patience! Also, who doesn’t want to fuck shit up to peppy music?

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Let’s fuck shit up!


Leggings: Goth1c0 – Unicorn Leggings Galaxy

Sweater: American Bazaar – Girlie Goth Sweater Rose

Heels: [MODA] Galina Webbed Heel


Arise, You’re Alive | Temporary Absence of Light


Things are rough. Sometimes, they’re rougher because I refuse to let myself rest and have nice things. Even I can’t sit with me, apparently. (insert laugh track)


I come up completely blank trying to find a period of time that hasn’t been at least a little awful. In looking back, I realize I should have cut myself some slack. Should have taken a few more breaths. Should have just had a damn nap and saved myself some pain and suffering.


It’s my fault. I’m always rushing forward–always have to perform, always have to earn supper, always have to be right or strong or in power. Even though I think I’m doing these things, gaining or maintaining these qualities… It’s almost never true, and I need to trust and rely on my own capacity for restfulness just as much as I rely on comfort from loved ones.

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I could make things so much easier on myself if I’d just chill for two minutes and let it be easy. Accept what is going on, do it, move on. Relax. Even though it probably won’t be long before I’m hurtling along horns-first into more trouble than I can handle.

a song to cool off to!


shirt: Cult of Belgar – Holographic Movie Quote Top

skirt: [lady.fakessi] Vinyl Skirt Blue

heels: ::HH:: Hucci Izki Sandal – Strawberry (Slink)

Golden Glaze | Bring Yourself Up


There’s a lot of things. I actually mean this, it just isn’t as eloquent as I want it to be. There is just… so much to life and being alive. I think I made a wise choice when I decided to be here. Sometimes you see something so elegant, speak to a stranger so sweet, know somebody so understanding and kind. And it’s worth it. It’s worth all the things you’ll never know, all the places and ideas you will never see. It’s fine. You can come back, later, if you’d like.


Even though things are hard–I’ve lost more family, time, and energy this year than I’d like to admit–there is no end to the beauty of this planet. Even just being here makes me feel so radiant, so bright, so brilliant! There’s a reason for me to be here, and I think having fun gets me closer to that goal. I’ve been meeting and learning and knowing so many nice people. I’ve gained three more devotees this week, and reconnected with all my current loves and mates. I feel… more whole, even if I’m just a visitor. An outsider stumbling through, and I already have so much love to take and to give.


Amongst the most lovely radiant things I’ve seen: My wife has taken me out twice since getting her license; my playthings are bringing me music and sweet thoughts; My work has put me right into restoring a beautiful cave entrance; My bffs, Void system, made these awesome shawls. There’s something about black and gold that pull me out of a bad week and chuck me into a good one, so this shawl happened at the absolute perfect time to get me out of a gloomy spot.

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What makes you shine?


shawl: OBJECTUAL = Ascended Shawl – B\G {L}

shirt thing: [Wishbox] Cassiopeia – Top (m)

skirt:  ::LC:: Tesa Knot Maxi [Noir] m (no longer available/store closing soon!)

bracelets:  :[P]:– Krysis Bracelet-L://BondedLove-Gold

:[P]:– Krysis Bracelet-R(BEAD)://BondedLove-Gold

.random.Matter. – Norbu Wrist Cuff – Black [L]

necklace: :[P]:– Krysis Cord (Short)://BondedLove-Gold

anklet:  [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold [R]

.:KC:. AZARIA Slink High Ankle Chains

Self-Content | Core Concept


Who are you?

Obviously there’s a little trail of tangible factoids about you. You are such and such name, born of such and such family, in such and such year. You’re allergic to such and such things and live in such and such place. You even own such and such objects, and network with such and such people! But such and such is such… a sticky phrase. It’s all something outside, the sort of thing that makes your back cold when you’re laying your front close to the fire and there’s nothing behind you. Sometimes it strikes me as empty. If you didn’t have your name, are you you?

Of course you are! Because there’s all these little intangible, insequential, fragmented, rough, beauteous, lovely little tidbids of you. You are in the air you breathe and walk through, and in the people you share this air and even your thoughts and presence with.

I’m not much in the mood for the physiology or neurology of what makes a person an entity or a being, rather, today I’m thinking of the nature of Being. Who. Not so much how or why. We /need/ such and such details to function amongst one another, to recognize one another by our most external facets and most bland details.

But who are you?


I’ve been thinking about the concept of self in terms like “I am,” “I am not,” “I like,” “I do not like,” “I do,” “I do not.” It seems sort of wishy washy. But if I’m Divine, and I am not alone, isn’t it just a bit more easy to grasp my intangible details? I do look out into the world, and I do not turn away. I like the song of other souls, and I do not so much like it when they hide off or pretend they don’t sing just as sweet as they really are.

It’s not so much that it’s a bad thing to /not/ have these statements in mind. I think that’s part of the journey! It’s part of the reason for being on the planet, to learn and explore, to push blind hands palm-down against our own facades and find out what is inside.


Today I feel like searching, and I like it. I like this long walk, and I long for many more. I am in search of new ideas and words, and ways to cast a light on the old ones that I may not have so much description for.

Who are you?

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Do what you want, do what you will!

stars: Shimmering Stars – 6x6x3 – Regular

sleeves: Peqe – Gather Metal Sleeves – Red

bracers: *SL* Joanna Bracelet Gold

top: (Poisoned Diamond) Chastity Chest impact

skirt: .a. Arius -Skirt- {Crimson}

heels: (Poisoned Diamond) Blade Shoes impact red (Slink high)

Taken at Elysion and Home!

Have you Got the Guts | to Take Care of Yourself


There’s some days it feels like nobody makes any progress. Or, worse, that everybody else is outstripping you and their hair looks perfect the whole way to succeeding.

I know in my head that it isn’t the end of the world to have a slow day, or a slow week, or a slow life like mine. Things have been especially dragging. I can taste bitterness in every word I speak, regret for moments passing in every breath. It’s futile to fight endless fatigue, and truth is what hurts the most.

But even slow days can have nice things. My wife devoted herself to me, we went out for sushi at our favorite joint. We wore comfortable clothes, drove slowly and leisurely. Ultimately, it was a good day, even if it was slow and sad.


This calls for comfortable clothes in SL, too. Sometimes a little dressing up and celebrating myself works wonders. Especially when other people like it, too! This outfit is quickly becoming one of Pav’s favorites. He mentions how much he likes it on me every time he sees me in it. I don’t usually go casual, but a cute tank and some skinny bright pants seem to make an impression.

It might not heal me or magically fix the world, but sometimes comforting yourself and accepting comfort is a great way to deal with a slow or just plain awful week.

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Recently I realized how nice the Arctic Monkeys sound after a few years of not listening to them. Enjoy!


shirt: !TLB – Little Batty Tank

pants: !TLB – Pop Art Leggings/Red

cardigan: ::{u.f.o}::annabelle long cardigan – black

necklace: *Perception* Double Chain Skull Necklace – Black/Ruby

heels: Bens Boutique – Leaf High Heels – Black

flowers: :[P]:– Lily Crown:// Fade

I’ll Be the Center of your World | Fall into My Gravity


Sometimes it feels like a lot of people know you. Know things about you. They see you, and say so and so was talking about such and such thing you’ve been doing or wearing or thinking or saying. Sometimes people see us and feel us, even without any motion of our own towards them.

I sometimes think of this as our own personal gravity. Most folk might remember the demonstration and depiction of gravity as a blanket, with a large ball in the center weighing it down. Then everybody throws smaller balls in, and they roll in circles around the larger ball and occasionally one another. Each one makes its own little dip in the fabric of the blanket and rolls faster where their little divots meet.

Everybody that sees you is affected by your gravity, even if it’s as simple as making their morning commute seem more crowded or more pleasant or more interesting. After that passing, their own trajectory is ever so slightly different than if you hadn’t been there. Obviously this difference is more visible if there’s more interaction than just breathing the same air for a moment or two, the more ideas and words and time and objects shared, the more those little dips in the fabric hurtle around one another.


It’s the most fun when those little divots get stuck in orbit, though. Think of our earth and our moon and it’s sun, trapped in a dance and slowly getting closer and closer. I don’t mean to spook anyone that wasn’t aware, but this is happening in the core of every galaxy and in the entire population of galaxies in our universe. All the arms of the Milky Way galaxy are slowly being drawn inward. The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies are inching closer and closer to a collision, where all those little pinpricks of gravity will begin to move and dance in new ways.

Getting wrapped up between one’s own gravity and that of others is one of the most exciting things about knowing people. You end up thinking and acting in the same direction, the same causes, the same ideas. They get wrapped up in you and can’t easily escape, and their presence is a comfort. I have plenty of little orbs dragging little dips around in my gravitational field. Not all are permanent, and maybe not all are even interested or interesting. But they’ve changed my trajectory ever so slightly, each and every one of them.


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Here’s a bit off the Mass Effect soundtracks for us!


Credits are for more than just me since this one’s sorta simple!

Dress + Jewelery: ::: B@R ::: Self Control (should be in the mesh section to the left at landing.)

Poofy clouds: +Half-Deer+ Celestial Glass Stone – Pink

Space disc: +Half-Deer+ Cauldron of the Stars – Rainbow / Pink Stars

Paint Bucket: +Half-Deer+ (don’t cry over) Spilled Paint – Stars

Bubbles: ~tc~ Pretty Bubbles Air

Mist: *AF* Maiden Tor Stone Circle – Magical Fog

Chairs: tarte. corset chair (grey)

tarte. thrift chair one

Hanging Stars: Plethora – Counting Stars – Sunday Blues

Cage: ~*S.E.*~ Orb Hanging Cage

House: reBourne The Lake House

Ending Isle | Apocalypse Tourism


Some places are lost to time. On purpose, by magic happenstance. Kairos is an island missing out of time, lost in the waters and in itself. I visited some time ago to poke around, to tiptoe up old metal staircases and to pry open old factory doors. Nothing had changed here for ages, but even a place stuck in the 30’s and 40’s is interesting enough to catch a God’s eye.


Honestly there’s just something about this aesthetic that pleases me. It’s still a bit proper, with these nice fences and harbor buildings with an air of purpose. It’s grease and grit with a bit of leather. Of course none of this grease is getting on me without my wanting it, but it’s still pretty to look at, and even better to be seen in.

I was recently talking with my wife about what constitutes an apocalypse. Any drastic change could be enough to reclassify that world and how it works. WWI could be considered an apocalypse, for the genocides at the time and the dividing of the world into alliances. Same for WWII, dividing the world again and bringing human atrocities into horrible focus for Europeans at home. Even Kairos losing its connection to the outside world, becoming insular and lost in time, could be just enough change to be considered an apocalypse of their old world and the birth of their new one.


I guess using that definition makes it a bit less bleak. Even Ragnarok is supposed to take 40 years, if I remember correctly. All sorts of people could survive and manage in that time. After all, all these people are still here. People still exist post-apocalypse in all sorts of media. Maybe it just looks different, works different. Like cult ladies working at the factory by day and in nice redlight houses by night, or an island torn out of its world and mixed in with another.

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How many great changes have you had in your life? Any that you considered at the time to be a personal apocalypse? Are you a different person than you were before?

Here’s a song for us!


Pants: GizzANico Skinny Jeans [Damask Pink]

Shirt+Jacket: GizzASpiked Leather Jacket [Ice Peach]

Circlet: ::: Krystal ::: Fine Jewelry – Galaxy Circlet Platinum – (Sugar)

Fur: .: ryvolter :. Mink Princess Stole – Pink

Clutch: Ariskea [Les Roses ] Clutch [ Violette ]

Heels: Bens BoutiqueClaudia Heels (Slink High) –

where: Kairos dieselpunk rp sim

Meeting for Tea | Table Mints in Your Lap


Things have been passable. The heat has calmed, the humidity isn’t overkill, and my new job is awesome. I’m awesome. You’re awesome. I somehow plucked a nice stranger out of a findom group, which is a real shocker considering my past results with contacting people based on shared interest.

Things are in change. So now’s a good time for taking friends for smoothies, or tea… and especially for treating myself to nice things. (Though that’s my default state of existance, anyway.)

I recently found some adorable slink-compatible lingerie sets and separate tights, which are, unfortunately, on conflicting layers, but are both lovely on their own. This happened to coincide with me buying and modding pretty slink high and mid feet and a makeshift stocking layer for my claws, and a new friend/guest gifting me these adorable gacha pieces from Axix, A store I’d otherwise not heard of. (You just did, though. You’re welcome.)


Hopefully, things stay just as nice as they are now. Keep prayin’ and livin’ as you will, and enjoy some fun every now and then. Run around in your pretty, lacy mint underwear and steal some hearts n’ souls.

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I need you so much closer.



lingerie: antielle. Marchioness Lingerie in Teal

belt + top: ::Axix:: Shi-Mae Top {Green} +belt

Updated, Together | This is not a mourning gown.

This is only partly a two-for-one because I just flat out have no idea what my wife was wearing at the time of this photoshoot.

This is my wife, for reference in later images. Snapshot_001

And this is me and my wife! Welcome to the blog, Samantha! Promise I’m not eating her here.Snapshot_058

She’s short and cute and nowhere near as cluttered as I am, but that’s okay. You don’t have to look like me in order to be beautiful. We recently started playing Milk Made together, and she’s pussy-footed all over the house in true cat fashion.

So in a way, this outfit is a celebration of our life. Eat that, gloomy colors!

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Do you have somebody(ies) that complete and energize you? Are you somebody else’s moon and sun?

Here’s a song for us!



Dress: -Pixicat- Delusion.Gown – Black (L)

Veil: Boudoir – Antique bridal wreath + Ghostly veil

Necklaces: :[P]:– Raven Collar-Large:// Rose

(Yummy) Divining Crystals Necklace – Gold

Uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Chirimen

Cat: My Wife

Location: Home