New body post!

Sooooo here’s that new link pile I promised for my new body. I had an excuse to get pictures for a friend doing an art commission for me. I’m actually pretty excited since it’s been a while since my last art of me, and my stuff has changed a lot since then!


Sorry for my naked head. I change hair so much that it didn’t really seem plausible to add every single one to this body post… especially since I’ll find new ones after it gets posted!

At the moment I’m absolutely loving my SLINK physique body. Not to say I didn’t adore my Nauha before, but this one just seems to fit into all my old clothing with so much less fuss and clipping after applying alphas. I like the breast shape more and feel like the shoulders are more sloped and natural to my eye. Also I can use all the stuff I bought that just happened to have SLINK appliers but no omega appliers.

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Here’s my weird bare beauty for you. It’ll always be that weird pretty/monstrous combo of mine that really makes me who and what I am. Just couldn’t live without my tusks OR my pretty pink nose!

What deep details about yourself make you who you are? What distinguishes you from who you were last year or last month, and what makes you the same person?

Here’s a song for us!


the bits!

eyes: :[P]:– Galaxie Eye ://Sugar

head: PAWS rat + NekoMoMo Sweet Ratty

tail: KZK Dazzle Bat

feet: KZK Dazzle Bat

legs: DSD Deer

skin: KZK (Not Dazzle) Bat

body: SLINK Physique

arms: + Kali Arms V1 + {aii}

ears: [][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Low Pierced

wings: DSD Dragon

hands: SLINK elegant1 and elegant

horns/head deco: *~*Illusions*~* Aepyceros Horns

*~*Illusions*~* Rusa Antlers: Copy

:[P]:– Nyraxis Horns :// Terrivra

:[P]:– Living Light Horns :// Fauna

KK Fantasy Deathdealer Horns

*NW* Simple Antlers

+ Demi Goddess Ivory Hair Silver&Gold Halo + {aii}

hand jewelery: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – SLINK Elegant – OPALIS-GOLD (and elegant1 counterpart)

:(SH:) Ring of 5 Moons- silver

face and neck jewelery: Lakrya – Skye Mesh Necklace

.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild nosechain gold T


Just got home from the body part shop!

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Ta da! New body parts! And they really are new, I bought everything but the deer just for this modding upgrade. The KZK dazzle bat is still pretty expensive for a sculpty based av at 1000 Lindens, but eh, I only used three parts of it. I’m sure I’ll pull other parts of it to pieces and reuse them later. That’s one of my favorite things in the entire world. I’m actually… Really really happy with this head. Unfortunately, the teeth keep coming back with the talkjaw turned on, so that’s off. But my tusks wouldn’t move with it anyway, so no biggie. I kinda… want to try opening the mouth and putting Space inside of it? Why not. Space is a good thing to have more of. Anyway. This came after a somewhat short… is two to three days short?… period of agony. Everything was so awful, my world was ending, i was gonna die. So instead I shut down my brain and made a cute new face, instead. The results are more than pleasant now that I’m like, one foot in and one foot out of feeling awful and half dead.

What do you do when nothing really helps you? Where do you find yourself when you’re most downtrodden? Would you say that you do some things like muscle memory when you’re down

here is a song for you!

Credits! foots – dsd deer lower leg and kzk dazzle bat foot

head – paws rat w sweet ratty mod by NekoMoMo

eyes – :[P]:– Galaxie Eye://Sugar