Nudity! Oh No!

It’s okay I think it’s pretty faint nudity.

This was one of my first ever… unclothed outfits? I guess that’s the words for it. Any way, I picked up a cute harness by Luas at a gacha event and it looked soooo good without anything but me under it. So that’s exactly what I did. I also took this chance to use some pinkish hair and the *ARGRACE* comb again! Continue reading


February 4, 2014

Two in one day?

It would seem I did yellow and pink a few months ago. Which is a very cute combination, strawberry banana and all that. This is a look I should probably bust out and modify again now that I have new toys! Even if it’s a little dated compared to my current inventory, I still really like this soft pink outfit. The dress is one of many I own from Shar’s Gowns, and I love busting out the teardrop jewelery from :[Plastik]:. Continue reading