I’ll Be the Center of your World | Fall into My Gravity


Sometimes it feels like a lot of people know you. Know things about you. They see you, and say so and so was talking about such and such thing you’ve been doing or wearing or thinking or saying. Sometimes people see us and feel us, even without any motion of our own towards them.

I sometimes think of this as our own personal gravity. Most folk might remember the demonstration and depiction of gravity as a blanket, with a large ball in the center weighing it down. Then everybody throws smaller balls in, and they roll in circles around the larger ball and occasionally one another. Each one makes its own little dip in the fabric of the blanket and rolls faster where their little divots meet.

Everybody that sees you is affected by your gravity, even if it’s as simple as making their morning commute seem more crowded or more pleasant or more interesting. After that passing, their own trajectory is ever so slightly different than if you hadn’t been there. Obviously this difference is more visible if there’s more interaction than just breathing the same air for a moment or two, the more ideas and words and time and objects shared, the more those little dips in the fabric hurtle around one another.


It’s the most fun when those little divots get stuck in orbit, though. Think of our earth and our moon and it’s sun, trapped in a dance and slowly getting closer and closer. I don’t mean to spook anyone that wasn’t aware, but this is happening in the core of every galaxy and in the entire population of galaxies in our universe. All the arms of the Milky Way galaxy are slowly being drawn inward. The Milky Way and the Andromeda Galaxies are inching closer and closer to a collision, where all those little pinpricks of gravity will begin to move and dance in new ways.

Getting wrapped up between one’s own gravity and that of others is one of the most exciting things about knowing people. You end up thinking and acting in the same direction, the same causes, the same ideas. They get wrapped up in you and can’t easily escape, and their presence is a comfort. I have plenty of little orbs dragging little dips around in my gravitational field. Not all are permanent, and maybe not all are even interested or interesting. But they’ve changed my trajectory ever so slightly, each and every one of them.


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Here’s a bit off the Mass Effect soundtracks for us!


Credits are for more than just me since this one’s sorta simple!

Dress + Jewelery: ::: B@R ::: Self Control (should be in the mesh section to the left at landing.)

Poofy clouds: +Half-Deer+ Celestial Glass Stone – Pink

Space disc: +Half-Deer+ Cauldron of the Stars – Rainbow / Pink Stars

Paint Bucket: +Half-Deer+ (don’t cry over) Spilled Paint – Stars

Bubbles: ~tc~ Pretty Bubbles Air

Mist: *AF* Maiden Tor Stone Circle – Magical Fog

Chairs: tarte. corset chair (grey)

tarte. thrift chair one

Hanging Stars: Plethora – Counting Stars – Sunday Blues

Cage: ~*S.E.*~ Orb Hanging Cage

House: reBourne The Lake House