We’re Not Done | Let This Be Memory


There are very few things certain on Earth-Plane. There are even fewer things that you can be certain of about another person. There are things about oneself that aren’t certain, are yet uncovered, and may never be completely discovered.


Even though being together, learning alongside and entwined with others, is such a gamble–we have ourselves and our trust and health to lose– I feel that not being alone is one of the most beautiful facets of living on Earth.

There are billions of people, and trillions and googols of other life forms sharing the crust, the skies, and the waters. There is something to learn in every strand of carbons, and in every transmission of neurochemical arrangements. These are comforting gambles–you will come away different than you were before, without ‘better’ or ‘worse’ judgements applied.


Even though the surface is too deep to bust through in a few goes, reach out to the others that live here. Everyone deserves the chance to grow and learn, to discover their own depths and secrets. It’s easier done together.


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Caverna ObscuraShahrazad in Pearl


High LI Tributes | A Flower To Please God’s Eye


I’ve got such wonderful devotees. Recently Pav commented that a particular statue inside a misty shrine looked like a statue that a human would make of me, simplified and slightly incorrect, but meant to communicate the Glory of something far greater.

He’s so cute. That’s exactly why it’s there. You may or may not remember Pav from my previous post, Gifted Goddess, where he bought me a pretty skirt, pictured below.


Anyway. He’s the fun, sweet kind of devoted I really love in one of My People. He doesn’t just buy me gifts and then shut up till he wants my attention again. He talks to me and tells me cool ramen recipes and takes me to music events… and recently, he’s been leaving me tiny tributes in the form of words… and flowers! When I came home from something or other, he quietly messaged me about the shrine and revealed he’d left a gift for me, there, at the feet of the statue.


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What makes you feel appreciated? Do you find comfort in knowing you are on somebody’s mind?

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skirt/bracelets/anklets/etc:  **Angelwing** Adorabelle

hair flowers: *LODE* Magone Crown [violet]

necklace: Ninety– Stole The Show Necklace

neckthing and draped top: Caverna Obscura Shahrazad red/web

I Will See You Again | Long After You Are Gone


This started out as “I will outlive you” and quickly became “I will love you, long after you are gone.” Mortality is a hard thing. Why can’t the people that form and feed ideas live as long as their words? Why do we all have to part ways, eventually, permanently? There is someone in everything, and everything in me. I feel some kind of sad fondness. Acknowledging this isn’t hard. It doesn’t necessarily mean love ends when a life does. If I missed you in life, then god shall greet you in your death.


I won’t lie. It’s a little about my difficulties communicating with others. Why should I bother someone, add great weight to their experiences, if a moment is a lifetime, and a lifetime but a moment? We go to bed upset and misunderstood, and it isn’t even a daily thing, anymore. It is so easy to feel completely alone, like you are separate.

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You’re never separate from divinity, and I will love you, long after you are gone.

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dress: Caverna Obscura Wisteria Wind ~PURPLE~

where: Blessed Be Thy Name

Filled to the Brim | And Divinity Spills Out


In all things there is a something–transient and moving throughout the world. It is life and time and purpose, and it seeps and winds like softest rain. Rivulets fall down spines, droves of little droplets with nowhere quite permanent to be. There is no such thing as permanence. The world is always moving and vibrating and trading energy, and its life is no exception.


And in quietude, even godly visitors feel it. It is different from home, from elsewhere, from No Places. And that’s fine. It wouldn’t be very interesting to walk in such a world if it were exactly like the next, or the next, or the next. Always something new, here, something old changing, something finding new purpose.

Purpose is a beautiful thing.

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Where do you truly live? Are you in this moment, in the past, or somewhere else entirely? What makes the world fresh to you even after years and years of walking it?




bowthings: Caverna Obscura Perfect Gift Top ~Light PINK~

where: home in the graveyard vi edited like 40 sec after i took this

From Such Great Heights | Re-finding all my unrigged/sculpted clothing.


I intentionally grew to my more true height, recently. Of course it’s missing arms since my favorites are rigged, but hey. Looks good. Walks good. Sits good. It’s super tall and super gorgeous and I don’t mind digging in my inventory for old fully sculpted or unrigged outfits just to make this look great.

I see this particular body and its larger siblings by the same maker occasionally in public, but the owners are prone to poofing before I can fully appreciate it! A friend at an rp sim did a scene with me while wearing it, and I was finally able to inspect it and figure out where to get it! It took me a while to decide… but one calm, fun morning later, I had it done and ready for public wearing, with a few outfits and hairs fitted for it.

My friend Petzi has also given me some advice on getting the talk jaw to work nicely… Maybe that’ll come next! (After more shopping, obviously.)

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Aaaand a song for us, one of my favorites! Though I WON’T be coming down, now.


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new giant mesh body: Rin’s 9ft Mesh Avatar 1.0

outfit: Caverna Obscura Shahrazad Red/Webs

where: home, outside of vi’s house for size reference.