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There’s a lot of things. I actually mean this, it just isn’t as eloquent as I want it to be. There is just… so much to life and being alive. I think I made a wise choice when I decided to be here. Sometimes you see something so elegant, speak to a stranger so sweet, know somebody so understanding and kind. And it’s worth it. It’s worth all the things you’ll never know, all the places and ideas you will never see. It’s fine. You can come back, later, if you’d like.


Even though things are hard–I’ve lost more family, time, and energy this year than I’d like to admit–there is no end to the beauty of this planet. Even just being here makes me feel so radiant, so bright, so brilliant! There’s a reason for me to be here, and I think having fun gets me closer to that goal. I’ve been meeting and learning and knowing so many nice people. I’ve gained three more devotees this week, and reconnected with all my current loves and mates. I feel… more whole, even if I’m just a visitor. An outsider stumbling through, and I already have so much love to take and to give.


Amongst the most lovely radiant things I’ve seen: My wife has taken me out twice since getting her license; my playthings are bringing me music and sweet thoughts; My work has put me right into restoring a beautiful cave entrance; My bffs, Void system, made these awesome shawls. There’s something about black and gold that pull me out of a bad week and chuck me into a good one, so this shawl happened at the absolute perfect time to get me out of a gloomy spot.

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What makes you shine?


shawl: OBJECTUAL = Ascended Shawl – B\G {L}

shirt thing: [Wishbox] Cassiopeia – Top (m)

skirt:  ::LC:: Tesa Knot Maxi [Noir] m (no longer available/store closing soon!)

bracelets:  :[P]:– Krysis Bracelet-L://BondedLove-Gold

:[P]:– Krysis Bracelet-R(BEAD)://BondedLove-Gold

.random.Matter. – Norbu Wrist Cuff – Black [L]

necklace: :[P]:– Krysis Cord (Short)://BondedLove-Gold

anklet:  [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold [R]

.:KC:. AZARIA Slink High Ankle Chains


Sea Soggy and Drenched in Sunlight.


Please excuse the break from standard procedure. Yet again, the Goddess of Whim (me!) has impulsively done whatever the hell he wants, and it turned out pretty great!

That’s what this picset is done with. There’s a billion buttons and I want to play with them ALL! And I will. Ohoho, I will.

  • Bought a two year dealie with Lumosity!

Seriously if you like fun games that help improve general mental function, this is a necessity. I dropped like seventy bucks on it and I think that’s totally worth two years of unlimited access to the games and their scorekeeping/diagnostic tools and guidance. Not to mention there’s mobile apps, so I don’t have to be at home to train my response times and focus.

  • Started renting a full homestead from Value Rentals!

This is a huge step up from my corner plot that I’d rented for some 300 ish days. It’s big, it has lots of prims, and it is allll mine. It’s really nice to be on ground level without having to rez neighbors, and it’s especially nice that it’s only 6779/week, as compared to some competitors. I’ve cultivated a lovely beach, as seen here.

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Being all caught up in my own water and wind… I feel so full. I could end up anywhere. So why not a nice sunrise in a big dress? Like a REALLY big dress? At least in SL your clothes never get wet and you can’t drown.

What makes you feel most full and fulfilled? Is it a place, a person, something you do? Or are you still looking for something to fill your time and heart?

Here’s a song for us!


Dress: Maai Ellen wedding gown

Uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Chidori

Necklaces: (Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Day

(Yummy) Small Crystal Necklace – Gold

Bracelets: [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold

Mad Echo – Princess Bracelet

February 19, 2014

Come a lil closer!

This was a great moment. This is one of my most favorite outfits of all time and I still wear it pretty often. I just love how muted it is, soft and demure and flowery. Perfect. I especially love the detail on the dress, though I don’t think it is actually available any longer. I checked a few months ago. Impermanence is one of the wonders and nuisances of second life. Continue reading