When You Sing | Healing


//Couldn’t say what i wanted to say

But now I’m changed and i feel so strange

//Come alive when you say all those things to me\

\Please go all the way – it feels so right – being with you here//

||Lost in a maze of a thousand rainy days of a thousand rainy days||

But when I heard your voice – it led me to the end

//You are my center when i spin away

\Out of control

On videotape on videotape on videotape on videotape on videotape

||Cause when you sing I hear a symphony

Swallowed in sound as it echoes through me

||I’m renewed, oh how i feel alive

//\ No matter what happens now – you shouldn’t be afraid

\// Today has been the most perfect day i’ve ever seen

I’ve no idea what I am talking about

I’m trapped in this body and I can’t get out

Have the lights gone out for you?

Because the lights gone out for me?



in other news things are stressful again. It would be far worse if they weren’t.

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Bracelets: Mad Echo – Princess Bracelet

.random.Matter. – Norbu Wrist Cuff – Black

scarf: *League* Ananda Scarf – Heather

skirt: Foxes – Tarot – Skirt – Small – Sky

shirt: Foxes – Tarot – Top – Med – Blue


Sea Soggy and Drenched in Sunlight.


Please excuse the break from standard procedure. Yet again, the Goddess of Whim (me!) has impulsively done whatever the hell he wants, and it turned out pretty great!

That’s what this picset is done with. There’s a billion buttons and I want to play with them ALL! And I will. Ohoho, I will.

  • Bought a two year dealie with Lumosity!

Seriously if you like fun games that help improve general mental function, this is a necessity. I dropped like seventy bucks on it and I think that’s totally worth two years of unlimited access to the games and their scorekeeping/diagnostic tools and guidance. Not to mention there’s mobile apps, so I don’t have to be at home to train my response times and focus.

  • Started renting a full homestead from Value Rentals!

This is a huge step up from my corner plot that I’d rented for some 300 ish days. It’s big, it has lots of prims, and it is allll mine. It’s really nice to be on ground level without having to rez neighbors, and it’s especially nice that it’s only 6779/week, as compared to some competitors. I’ve cultivated a lovely beach, as seen here.

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Being all caught up in my own water and wind… I feel so full. I could end up anywhere. So why not a nice sunrise in a big dress? Like a REALLY big dress? At least in SL your clothes never get wet and you can’t drown.

What makes you feel most full and fulfilled? Is it a place, a person, something you do? Or are you still looking for something to fill your time and heart?

Here’s a song for us!


Dress: Maai Ellen wedding gown

Uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Chidori

Necklaces: (Yummy) Metal and Diamonds – Day

(Yummy) Small Crystal Necklace – Gold

Bracelets: [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold

Mad Echo – Princess Bracelet

The End Of An Era (The serbex era, to be precise.)

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I’m sure we’re all rather used to my big, beautiful muzzle. I know I am. I’ve gotten used to editing hair out of the way and begrudgingly putting glasses on the very top of my head, y’know, amongst all the other things on the very top of my head. I really do love my big nose and big teeth and big eyes…

But I love inspiration and following my divine whims waaay more. Which is why, after seeing several lovely modded beasties with serbex tusks on different heads, I will be retiring my serbex head. Probably not permanently, but for now, I’d just like my mesh hair to fit better and for my nose to stay a little closer to my face.

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