New Town

Better make a good first impression! How? by being me.

This is from a recent visit to Trot Springs, a my little pony themed residential and rp area which, thank goodness, doesn’t have avi rules or canon enforcement. Or I wouldn’t be there. Anyway, I threw together a new outfit out of old parts and thought I would take pics somewhere I hadn’t before! Continue reading


Body Post! Accurate as of August 2014

This post contains images and sources for all parts of my avatar as of August 6 2014. Safe for work, no genitalia listed.

The shape is a modified serbex shape of my own making, and won’t be replicated for others. It stands roughly 6.9 feet tall and fits most Medium standard sizing mesh goods, albeit missing the glorious gut.

Here are the images of my base avatar with no hair! It’s ugly, be warned! Continue reading