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red siren

Recently I’ve been working with a newly-joined Mate on power exchange. Like a whirlwind, I blew into his life, mixed it up, and now have him wing-deep in an entirely new phase of identity. I can’t blame him for having fun, for wanting more and craving that closeness in losing himself to Divine Will.

red siren1

Recently, while at work with him, I had a song stuck in my head. There’s a specific Muse album and specific songs on that album that mean a lot to me–that soothe me when I’m pretty close to bursting and leaving a swath of destruction in my wake. He’s pretty similar. He stays present and awake when I’m charging off into some emotional extreme or another, he holds me and sings when it’s simply unbearable to exist in my own body. He is a soft, soothing presence, and so is that song.

red siren3

Passing by, he lights up my darkest skies. He takes only seconds to draw me in.

Here’s to hoping that this new venture goes well–that keeping our joint health in mind will serve us in the long run just as well as he serves me!

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So be mine, and your innocence I will consume.



Dress: .Arcadia. Leannan Siren

Bracers: .random.Matter. Norbu wrist cuffs black


:[P]:– Raven Collar Rose

Zyn ~ Wishbone Necklace – Ruby

Head flowers: Boudoir – Miss Havisham wedding wreath


Golden Glaze | Bring Yourself Up


There’s a lot of things. I actually mean this, it just isn’t as eloquent as I want it to be. There is just… so much to life and being alive. I think I made a wise choice when I decided to be here. Sometimes you see something so elegant, speak to a stranger so sweet, know somebody so understanding and kind. And it’s worth it. It’s worth all the things you’ll never know, all the places and ideas you will never see. It’s fine. You can come back, later, if you’d like.


Even though things are hard–I’ve lost more family, time, and energy this year than I’d like to admit–there is no end to the beauty of this planet. Even just being here makes me feel so radiant, so bright, so brilliant! There’s a reason for me to be here, and I think having fun gets me closer to that goal. I’ve been meeting and learning and knowing so many nice people. I’ve gained three more devotees this week, and reconnected with all my current loves and mates. I feel… more whole, even if I’m just a visitor. An outsider stumbling through, and I already have so much love to take and to give.


Amongst the most lovely radiant things I’ve seen: My wife has taken me out twice since getting her license; my playthings are bringing me music and sweet thoughts; My work has put me right into restoring a beautiful cave entrance; My bffs, Void system, made these awesome shawls. There’s something about black and gold that pull me out of a bad week and chuck me into a good one, so this shawl happened at the absolute perfect time to get me out of a gloomy spot.

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What makes you shine?


shawl: OBJECTUAL = Ascended Shawl – B\G {L}

shirt thing: [Wishbox] Cassiopeia – Top (m)

skirt:  ::LC:: Tesa Knot Maxi [Noir] m (no longer available/store closing soon!)

bracelets:  :[P]:– Krysis Bracelet-L://BondedLove-Gold

:[P]:– Krysis Bracelet-R(BEAD)://BondedLove-Gold

.random.Matter. – Norbu Wrist Cuff – Black [L]

necklace: :[P]:– Krysis Cord (Short)://BondedLove-Gold

anklet:  [coepio]Wrist Cuff ~Gold [R]

.:KC:. AZARIA Slink High Ankle Chains

Have you Got the Guts | to Take Care of Yourself


There’s some days it feels like nobody makes any progress. Or, worse, that everybody else is outstripping you and their hair looks perfect the whole way to succeeding.

I know in my head that it isn’t the end of the world to have a slow day, or a slow week, or a slow life like mine. Things have been especially dragging. I can taste bitterness in every word I speak, regret for moments passing in every breath. It’s futile to fight endless fatigue, and truth is what hurts the most.

But even slow days can have nice things. My wife devoted herself to me, we went out for sushi at our favorite joint. We wore comfortable clothes, drove slowly and leisurely. Ultimately, it was a good day, even if it was slow and sad.


This calls for comfortable clothes in SL, too. Sometimes a little dressing up and celebrating myself works wonders. Especially when other people like it, too! This outfit is quickly becoming one of Pav’s favorites. He mentions how much he likes it on me every time he sees me in it. I don’t usually go casual, but a cute tank and some skinny bright pants seem to make an impression.

It might not heal me or magically fix the world, but sometimes comforting yourself and accepting comfort is a great way to deal with a slow or just plain awful week.

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Recently I realized how nice the Arctic Monkeys sound after a few years of not listening to them. Enjoy!


shirt: !TLB – Little Batty Tank

pants: !TLB – Pop Art Leggings/Red

cardigan: ::{u.f.o}::annabelle long cardigan – black

necklace: *Perception* Double Chain Skull Necklace – Black/Ruby

heels: Bens Boutique – Leaf High Heels – Black

flowers: :[P]:– Lily Crown:// Fade

Updated, Together | This is not a mourning gown.

This is only partly a two-for-one because I just flat out have no idea what my wife was wearing at the time of this photoshoot.

This is my wife, for reference in later images. Snapshot_001

And this is me and my wife! Welcome to the blog, Samantha! Promise I’m not eating her here.Snapshot_058

She’s short and cute and nowhere near as cluttered as I am, but that’s okay. You don’t have to look like me in order to be beautiful. We recently started playing Milk Made together, and she’s pussy-footed all over the house in true cat fashion.

So in a way, this outfit is a celebration of our life. Eat that, gloomy colors!

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Do you have somebody(ies) that complete and energize you? Are you somebody else’s moon and sun?

Here’s a song for us!



Dress: -Pixicat- Delusion.Gown – Black (L)

Veil: Boudoir – Antique bridal wreath + Ghostly veil

Necklaces: :[P]:– Raven Collar-Large:// Rose

(Yummy) Divining Crystals Necklace – Gold

Uchiwa: Anachron – Uchiwa Fan – Chirimen

Cat: My Wife

Location: Home

Heat Wave | Never Too Humid For Fur


It is starting to get hot. In Kentucky, this means it is wildly swip-swapping between being gross soggy humid and sunburn hot with no clouds. Sometimes there is a reasonably cooler rainy day, but usually it just flings between the two extremes. Since wearing no clothing is not a luxury I have for stretches of hours at a time, I’m indulging myself with cute skimpy outfits in Second Life. This includes pulling out some old favorites from my virtual closet, and some newer pieces to top it off properly.

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Wear some shades.



skirt: :[P]:– Vyrr Skirt [M]:// Alva

legbag: [ Obscure ] – Bang!ThigBag (Black-Silver)

top: DaZeD DeZineZ Dark Muse Mesh Top

stole: LaGyo_Sienna Faux fur scarf Black

flower crown: :[P]:– Lily Crown:// Fade

bracelet: LaGyo_Maya bangle silver

necklace: LaGyo_Maya necklace silver

New body post!

Sooooo here’s that new link pile I promised for my new body. I had an excuse to get pictures for a friend doing an art commission for me. I’m actually pretty excited since it’s been a while since my last art of me, and my stuff has changed a lot since then!


Sorry for my naked head. I change hair so much that it didn’t really seem plausible to add every single one to this body post… especially since I’ll find new ones after it gets posted!

At the moment I’m absolutely loving my SLINK physique body. Not to say I didn’t adore my Nauha before, but this one just seems to fit into all my old clothing with so much less fuss and clipping after applying alphas. I like the breast shape more and feel like the shoulders are more sloped and natural to my eye. Also I can use all the stuff I bought that just happened to have SLINK appliers but no omega appliers.

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Here’s my weird bare beauty for you. It’ll always be that weird pretty/monstrous combo of mine that really makes me who and what I am. Just couldn’t live without my tusks OR my pretty pink nose!

What deep details about yourself make you who you are? What distinguishes you from who you were last year or last month, and what makes you the same person?

Here’s a song for us!


the bits!

eyes: :[P]:– Galaxie Eye ://Sugar

head: PAWS rat + NekoMoMo Sweet Ratty

tail: KZK Dazzle Bat

feet: KZK Dazzle Bat

legs: DSD Deer

skin: KZK (Not Dazzle) Bat

body: SLINK Physique

arms: + Kali Arms V1 + {aii}

ears: [][]Trap[][] Ripped Ears Low Pierced

wings: DSD Dragon

hands: SLINK elegant1 and elegant

horns/head deco: *~*Illusions*~* Aepyceros Horns

*~*Illusions*~* Rusa Antlers: Copy

:[P]:– Nyraxis Horns :// Terrivra

:[P]:– Living Light Horns :// Fauna

KK Fantasy Deathdealer Horns

*NW* Simple Antlers

+ Demi Goddess Ivory Hair Silver&Gold Halo + {aii}

hand jewelery: **{FORMANAILS}**Accessoires – SLINK Elegant – OPALIS-GOLD (and elegant1 counterpart)

:(SH:) Ring of 5 Moons- silver

face and neck jewelery: Lakrya – Skye Mesh Necklace

.Enfant Terrible. Moondchild nosechain gold T

Just got home from the body part shop!

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Ta da! New body parts! And they really are new, I bought everything but the deer just for this modding upgrade. The KZK dazzle bat is still pretty expensive for a sculpty based av at 1000 Lindens, but eh, I only used three parts of it. I’m sure I’ll pull other parts of it to pieces and reuse them later. That’s one of my favorite things in the entire world. I’m actually… Really really happy with this head. Unfortunately, the teeth keep coming back with the talkjaw turned on, so that’s off. But my tusks wouldn’t move with it anyway, so no biggie. I kinda… want to try opening the mouth and putting Space inside of it? Why not. Space is a good thing to have more of. Anyway. This came after a somewhat short… is two to three days short?… period of agony. Everything was so awful, my world was ending, i was gonna die. So instead I shut down my brain and made a cute new face, instead. The results are more than pleasant now that I’m like, one foot in and one foot out of feeling awful and half dead.

What do you do when nothing really helps you? Where do you find yourself when you’re most downtrodden? Would you say that you do some things like muscle memory when you’re down

here is a song for you! https://open.spotify.com/track/0bRJboc2VNrbM5XAolC5gD

Credits! foots – dsd deer lower leg and kzk dazzle bat foot

head – paws rat w sweet ratty mod by NekoMoMo

eyes – :[P]:– Galaxie Eye://Sugar

The End Of An Era (The serbex era, to be precise.)

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I’m sure we’re all rather used to my big, beautiful muzzle. I know I am. I’ve gotten used to editing hair out of the way and begrudgingly putting glasses on the very top of my head, y’know, amongst all the other things on the very top of my head. I really do love my big nose and big teeth and big eyes…

But I love inspiration and following my divine whims waaay more. Which is why, after seeing several lovely modded beasties with serbex tusks on different heads, I will be retiring my serbex head. Probably not permanently, but for now, I’d just like my mesh hair to fit better and for my nose to stay a little closer to my face.

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