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Some places are lost to time. On purpose, by magic happenstance. Kairos is an island missing out of time, lost in the waters and in itself. I visited some time ago to poke around, to tiptoe up old metal staircases and to pry open old factory doors. Nothing had changed here for ages, but even a place stuck in the 30’s and 40’s is interesting enough to catch a God’s eye.


Honestly there’s just something about this aesthetic that pleases me. It’s still a bit proper, with these nice fences and harbor buildings with an air of purpose. It’s grease and grit with a bit of leather. Of course none of this grease is getting on me without my wanting it, but it’s still pretty to look at, and even better to be seen in.

I was recently talking with my wife about what constitutes an apocalypse. Any drastic change could be enough to reclassify that world and how it works. WWI could be considered an apocalypse, for the genocides at the time and the dividing of the world into alliances. Same for WWII, dividing the world again and bringing human atrocities into horrible focus for Europeans at home. Even Kairos losing its connection to the outside world, becoming insular and lost in time, could be just enough change to be considered an apocalypse of their old world and the birth of their new one.


I guess using that definition makes it a bit less bleak. Even Ragnarok is supposed to take 40 years, if I remember correctly. All sorts of people could survive and manage in that time. After all, all these people are still here. People still exist post-apocalypse in all sorts of media. Maybe it just looks different, works different. Like cult ladies working at the factory by day and in nice redlight houses by night, or an island torn out of its world and mixed in with another.

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How many great changes have you had in your life? Any that you considered at the time to be a personal apocalypse? Are you a different person than you were before?

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Five Years’ Time | And Pretty Pink Fur


So, today’s a bit of a day for reminiscing. What was I doing in 2010? What will I be doing in 2020? Five years is a long, long time. I am not who I was five years ago, all though some of my many interests are the same. I will certainly not be the same being in the future, perhaps I’ll be more vibrant, more expansive, more luxuriant. Maybe I’ll just remember to use primer on my eyelids before using eyeshadow more often. Less creasing and streaking.

For now, I just know I like who I am better, right now. I’m at least somewhat happier, conditionally happier. I was never happy five years ago. I get periods of enjoyment from hobbies and being gorgeous. I have a wonderful House of people and toys that love and adore me. Sometimes, I can even remember important things!

2010 was also around the time I got into an advanced science program in earnest, really got to do field work and relevant research in my community. I’m now completely hooked on science. I love it. I love this planet, and the people, and the cute tiny frogs that can kill way bigger animals just by sweating on them. Mostly, I love intricate things. I love how well this weird, happenstance system appears to work. So very, very many things mystify and intrigue me. I pray that it will never lose its luster.

I hope that in the future, my most divine and pleasing aspects remain. I want to be more energetic and weighty, I want to feel the sun on my soul and know where and who I am. Also I’d like to stop hallucinating, but that’s a bit of a long shot.

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What’s happened to you in five years’ time? What do you think will happen to you before 2020? Do you think you’re the same person you were in 2010?

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