I made Ekvardun’s current avi in five days with a Slink mesh body, a KZK gryphon, and a lot of chocolate.


He started out like this, with the chocolate texture set, which I tweaked and dressed a little by changing the head and chest fluffs and shape.


Even though it was pretty, it still wasn’t right. About a week ago, I was actually present with Ek sharing screens and dinner. We had some fun, listened to music, and bonded over having just cleaned her computer of malware after three years of absolutely no protection.

And somehow, this happened.


In the thirty minutes we sat together and talked about changes, we figured out we could change just the inside face of the wing feathers, just the skin/feathers on the head, and that the newly updated Slink bodies come with an RGB tinting hud. Now there’s a homemade Turkey Vulture mod with absolutely no texture editing or extra parts whatsoever!