Everybody is inspired by Witch House… right?

This was totally my reaction to hearing the newish album by My Joy in the Witch House genre. Like… holy cow that was good music. Oh send me to music heaven that I may ever hear Witch House. Especially if I get to dress like this for it. Continue reading


Princess Time

Princesses have many duties to attend to. One of them is being great.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I have many Princely duties to attend to. And I do it so well, you totally aren’t even aware of how busy and in-demand I am. That’s a joke. I do this stuff for fun because I’m Amazing. Anyway, I got this dress as a weekly group gift from The White Armory, but it’s totally in the outlet store for cheap. It also comes in a rich royal purple if you’re feeling more Kingly than cupcake-y. Continue reading