Short Post!


Oh! Look! A thing from [Etchaflesh]! My only gripe is that the alpha doesnt start till nearly the hips and I’m way too lazy to make my own. Continue reading


February 19, 2014

Come a lil closer!

This was a great moment. This is one of my most favorite outfits of all time and I still wear it pretty often. I just love how muted it is, soft and demure and flowery. Perfect. I especially love the detail on the dress, though I don’t think it is actually available any longer. I checked a few months ago. Impermanence is one of the wonders and nuisances of second life. Continue reading

More Fresh Content!

I just don’t have the heart to keep you waiting.

I finally scheduled all of my archive posts. And they go well into october, even being posted three times a week. So I’m going to give you another little dollop of Current attire for this month. I just… can’t keep you waiting another two months to get to see what I’m actually wearing and enjoying right now. This was taken August 12, 2014. Continue reading

Fresh Content

New Stuff! :::O

I’ve been posting all of my old posts lately. But I’m sure you’re wondering…. what do you actually look like right now?

This is the answer. These images were taken only a few days ago and are current to an outfit I regularly wear and pick apart to use in other outfits. That’s me, in pink, sitting in the yard of my current house. What are the biggest differences? My parts, for one. This outfit is one I’ve been wearing for a long time in some form or another, so the only real difference is the new pearls and… well… me! Continue reading