You are enough. This isn’t to say that you are perfect, stagnant and doomed to be ever still, ungrowing, and silent. You are enough, your growth and organic and inorganic changing are perfection. Where you are going, moment by moment and breath by breath, is enough.


Life on this planet isn’t a race–your individual life, especially. It is enough to be better than you were last year, last month, last week, or yesterday morning. It is enough to feel, even most of the time, that you are not or never will be better.


Please, next time your head is bowed so low you taste dirt, next time your feet drag so heavily you take mountains with your slow steps, please remember that this is ‘enough.’ You are not lacking, substandard, or failing. Take your time, and simply be.

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=Zenith= – Time Traveler in Milk @ We <3 RP December 2015